Undiscovered Coast

The Isle of Luing


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking all non residents to politely refrain from visiting the island to keep our vulnerable safe & healthy. We look forward to welcoming you once this is all over. 

Stay Home. Stay Safe.


An island escape nestling just off the Oban coast, Luing offers beauty and adventure in equal measure.

Hop on the tiny local ferry to cross the narrow channel of Cuan Sound. Then discover abundant wildlife, unspoilt beaches, historic ruins and pristine trails. In the conservation village of Cullipool, stop in at the Atlantic Islands Centre for gifts and fresh local food.

Our events calendar for up to date happenings and see what our amazing community has to offer.

Bring your car, hire a bike or just wander on foot. It’s all waiting to be explored!

What's On

View over Cullipool