Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice.  It’s a form of yoga that activates and balances the glandular system, reduces levels of stress in the body, increases flexibility through the use of dynamic movement, breath (pranayam) and meditation. 

The wonderful thing about this practice is that it’s not competitive and is accessible to people of all ages, abilities and skills.


Jo Gannon runs two 1.5 hour classes spread over a fortnight:   

Sunday afternoon starting at 2.30 pm and the following Thursday evening at 6.00pm.  This enables those working off the island to come along. 

The groups are kept small and one to one sessions are available on request.

All you need to bring along is a mat, a cushion, a blanket (something to keep you warm during the relaxation), a bottle of water and most importantly an open mind.  Lastly, wear loose fitting clothes.

Contact Jo for details of dates and venue:        

T: 01852 314365
​​​​​​​E: jo.wey@btinternet.com